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I've got one from grandma, so that'll be…

Book Review: Fire Mage, by John Forrester

Book Review: The Wish, by E.V. Jones

Book Reviews: By Peter Last



Christmas in the Box

 “I saw three bombs come flying in,

On Christmas day, on Christmas day;

I saw three bombs come flying in,

On Christmas day, in the morning.”


                Dylan looked up from the sand castle he was making and shook his head. Why did the older kids have to make fun of the song? It was a good song,…

Wages of Death: Fan Review

This is a review of "Wages of Death", the first book in my "Shadow for Hire" series. No, I was not so egotistical as to write myself a review. This comes from Alabama, courteous of the (metaphorical) pen of Ryan.

Hero of Dragons- Part 7

          “What makes you think I would know what a clue looks like?” Jim asked.

          “Because you know everything, don’t you?” Wyatt answered. “It’s that why you’re training me?”

          “I don’t know everything,” Jim replied with a sigh. Everything with this boy seemed to come in extremes. Either Jim was nothing more than a lowly…

Hero of Dragons- Part 6

Take a look at my sister's latest installment in the Adventures of Wyatt Narr!

SM 184: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

          The SM: 184 Safe Haven jetted through the inky blackness of space, engines cold as simple momentum carried it forward into the emptiness. There were no signs of life from the carcass of the gigantic, metal bird save the occasional flash as the directional thrusters adjusted the ship’s trajectory, keeping it on course. The captain, Abner Mitchell, knew nothing about the destination,…

Hero of Dragons- Part 5

Check out part 4 at my sister's blog . Then continue the adventure below!


          “So, if I’m a hero now, what does that make you?” Wyatt asked.

          “Rescuing a baby dragon from a bumbling idiot of a highwayman doesn’t make you a hero,” Jim contradicted. “You’ve still…