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Wages of Death

Wages of Death

Shadow for Hire Series Book 1

Everything has its price; even death.

For Leopold and his friends, a group known as The Shadow, assassination, theft, and espionage are nothing personal; they’re just part of the job. Their skills go to the highest bidder no matter the assignment, making The Shadow the most notorious collection of criminals in the realm. As long as the money is good, they never ask questions; however, as the jobs get personal, Leopold’s walls against his reservations begin to buckle. “Anything for the money” is The Shadow’s motto and their leader’s favorite saying, but how long can money continue to pay off their consciences?

Join the Shadow in an episodic journey of danger and adventure as they struggle between money and morality, asking the question, is it worth gaining the world at the cost of your soul?

The Birthright Chronicles: The Wizard's Tower

The Wizard's Tower

The Birthright Chronicles Book 2

Clouds gather in the North; another storm is coming.

Six months after the defeat of Molkekk's dwarf army, Senndra’s life has returned to normal. Her dragon is nearly full-grown, her relationship with Timothy is blossoming, and never before has she been more self-assured.

Suddenly her tranquility is shattered by visions of destruction as the country is rocked by another attack. Heavily weakened by widespread apathy, the country's defenses are quickly devastated, allowing the enemy to sweep unchecked across the land. A few faithful soldiers find themselves the last bastion between Molkekk's horde and their beloved country, but the front line is not the only place where the enemy has become entrenched. Roiled by treachery and internal strife, the soldiers of Magessa struggle to fend off the invasion, though with Molkekk's spies in place, they are fighting a losing battle. It is painfully obvious the only way to deal with the threat once and for all is to kill Molkekk- a nearly impossible task. Should they manage to battle through his armies, brave the stench of his marsh, and reach his tower one question remains: Can they stand against the fury of the wizard when the overwhelming power of his might is brought to bear?

The Birthright Chronicles: Guardians of Magessa

Guardians of Magessa

The Birthright Chronicles Book 1

Senndra, Josiah, and their comrades are all that stand between a massive dwarf army and total annihilation of their country, Magessa. Facing horrific odds, the young cadets have no hope of defeating the invading horde. It will take everything they have to stave off the inevitable slaughter, but personal conflict, physical challenge, and internal struggle are their enemies. Will they be able to maintain their faith, overcome their trials, and find the strength to realize themselves as the Guardians of Magessa?

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