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Peter M. Last

Fantasy Author


Publisher: Bluewater Publications

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Peter M. Last Bio

Peter M. Last was very nearly born in an elevator and has continued to be unconventional ever since. He is the sixth child in a large family and has had a conservative upbringing by Yankee parents living in the south. Despite having been homeschooled from kindergarten until twelfth grade, Peter has an expansive social life and has never been locked in a closet. He began writing his first novel, Guardians of Magessa, at the age of eleven, receiving great encouragement from his family in the form of compliments such as “Your book is actually not that bad!” Now, nine years and several massive rewrites later, Peter is finally ready to release his brilliant work to the world. He is currently slogging his way through his fourth year in college, doggedly working toward a degree in Civil Engineering and promising himself he will have more time next semester. In the little spare time he has, Peter writes a blog where he posts short stories, reviews books and movies, and addresses a mixture of serious and absurd topics, from global warming to pencil sharpeners. Peter’s other hobbies include drawing, dabbling in amateur film directing, and discharging powerful firearms at shooting ranges. Between school, his social life, and his hobbies, Peter has been forced to cut back on unnecessary activities such as sleeping. At present, he is busy with his series, The Birthright Chronicles, of which Guardians of Magessais the first.


Peter Last Q & A

1. Q: I understand that you started writing at a pretty young age. How old were you exactly?

A: I was 11 when it all started. It's not an interesting story, I'm afraid, but basically I was bored and had nothing to do so I decided to write a book.


2. Q: What was your inspiration to start writing?

A: I always enjoyed reading as a kid. I'd be reading a book and get to a part that I didn't like, so I'd make up a scene that I thought was better than the original. I think I always enjoyed creating the story more than reading it and so writing was the natural step to be able to do this.


3. Q: Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

A: For a given book, I will first set up the general plot along with all of the main events that I want to happen. Next I create the characters and give them personalities. These personalities drive what happens in the book and I often have to modify my original vision of the plot. For instance, if the plot calls for a person to rush rashly into a combat situation, but the person that is supposed to do that is a sensible, clear thinking individual, the plot has to change. After a book is written, I go back through it to correct problems and make the story more interesting. Then comes the editing.


4. Q: Is there anyone in particular who helps with the writing process?

A: My brother Paul helps me with logistics. He's a great problem solver; basically I give him a bunch of odds and ends, events that I want to happen, people's personalities, and he is often able to make them all fit together. My sister Rachel also helps by giving me different perspectives on what the characters might do or are likely to do.

My family read through an earlier draft of Guardians of Magessa and offered a whole lot of useful criticism. My dad is especially good at catching inconsistencies. For example, one time he noticed the discrepancy between there being ninety-eight dragons versus a hundred and ten, and the two numbers were about ten pages apart. Of course, my editor is also hugely important in the writing process for obvious reasons. I don't think even I would be able to read my own writing if it weren't for her correcting spelling, sentence structure, and inconsistencies.


4. Q: Your family is very large. They must have varied opinions on your writing.

A: Well, throughout my life my family has been the hardest critics on my work, no matter what the subject is. One of my brothers told me that, "It's actually not too bad." Another said in a surprised tone, "It's actually pretty good!" I'm only half kidding, but my family is very supportive even if I have made them sick of the story by constantly asking for their opinions and inputs about different parts of it.


5. Q: What is your series, The Birthright Chronicles, about? How long will it be?

A: In a sense, the series is about the age old battle of good versus evil. It's about realistic people in real situations. Real problems crop up in the story all of the time, ones about relationships, national pride, bravery, making the right choices, and many more. The story just happens to be set in a fantastical world because I happen to have a love for this kind of setting. On the subject of series length, there are currently concrete plans for five books. I think the story will stretch out for six or seven total volumes.


6. Q: What is the goal of Guardians of Magessa, both in the series and otherwise?

A: The goal of the book is to provide an avenue for me to annoy my sister with. Just kidding. Actually Guardians of Magessa kick-starts the whole series. It serves as an introduction to and development of many of the main characters of the books. It also begins to set up the series story line and drops some hints towards major mindbenders later in the series. Outside of the series, my goal is to give people a good fantasy book to read. I've read my fair share of fantasy novels, and while some of them are not very good, others are just plain smutty and not something that parents want their children reading. Guardians of Magessa provides a quality novel that adults can appreciate, but that is also acceptable for children to delve into. I'm also hoping to share a few life lessons with my audience. Even if the setting isn't real, the situations are and the lessons are valid.


8. Q: Is there a character in the book that you associate with?

A: When I first started writing it was definitely Josiah. I put a lot more of my personality into him in my first draft than any other character. As I began to develop the characters a bit more, I began to associate less with Josiah. I think each character has a piece of me or at least what I want to be. The coolest characters, hands down, and the most fun ones to write were Timothy and Vladimir.


9. Q: What do you see in Senndra and Timothy's future?

A: I can't really answer that without spoiling the surprise later on. Maybe Timothy ends up with Senndra. Or Rita. Or an elf woman who wears an eye patch. No one knows for sure. I can say that they'll be getting into more battles, so there's sure to be more excitement in that respect.


10. Q: What made you think that you could write a book?

A: I was young and naive. When I first started writing I never really intended for it to be an actual book. I started writing to have something to do and just told people that I was going to get it published in much the same way that you smack talk at a sporting event, even when you know you're going to lose one hundred to zero.


11. Q: What do you see in your future as a writer?

A: That's an interesting question. I have a lot of ideas for different types of books. For example, I've written some sci-fi short stories that are associated with a novel that I've started writing. I love a lot of different genres and would like to try my hand at writing in as many of them as possible, but right now my focus is on The Birthright Chronicles. I want to make this series an exciting, top quality read.


May 16, 2014, Florence, AL

Although the winter seemed so long, spring has finally arrived and summer will soon be upon us. If you have kids, like I do, you may even have a countdown going on in your home until what they consider summer. August 1 is not the important date in their minds. It’s that ever longed for last day of school.

They can’t wait to be out, free, and able to do whatever they choose. Unfortunately, about two weeks into their anticipated freedom I hear, “I’m bored.” For some reason they never seem to appreciate my suggestion of chores as a cure for their boredom.

This year, however, I have a better plan. I have found that a new young author, Peter Last, has his first book coming out in August. It is possible, however, to get pre-release copies on June 16th, just around the time their boredom should begin. The book, Guardians of Magessa; The Birthright Chronicles Book 1(ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-88-6), is a tale about a group of cadets that find themselves thrown into battle against the dwarf army of evil Molkekk. Their skill and their faith in Elohim are tested as they face overwhelming odds and circumstances. This action filled chronicle of good and evil battling should put some excitement into the mundane days of summer for my pre-teens and teens.

To enhance their reading experience, I found out that they can meet Peter Last at the Collinwood Library on June 16, at 7:00 P.M. We should even be able to get a signed pre-release copy of his book that night. How exciting for them! Perhaps Peter can inspire them to begin writing their own book. After all, he started writing his when he was about eleven.

If you would like to help alleviate the blasé feeling your child will encounter by about mid-June, come out to the Collinwood Library at 101 East Depot St. Collinwood, TN and meet Peter Last. Purchase a signed copy of Guardians of Magessa; The Birthright Chronicles Book 1(ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-88-6) before it is even released to the public. Then when you hear those infamous words, “I’m bored,” you will have a more enticing option than chores as an antidote.

If you would like to learn more about Peter Last or the Guardians of Magessa; The Birthright Chronicles Book 1 check out his website at If you can’t make it to Collinwood Library, Guardians of Magessa; The Birthright Chronicles Book 1will be for sale on beginning August 1, 2014 both as a paperback and a Kindle book.



June 1, 2014, Florence, AL

Bluewater Publications is thrilled to announce the release of our first Fantasy fiction book written by Auburn University student, Peter M. Last. Guardians of Magessa: The Birthright Chronicles Book 1(ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-88-6) will be available for purchase from Amazon on August 1, 2014.

This chronology of good versus evil follows a group of young cadets and one of their instructors as they face insurmountable odds in protecting their country against an age old evil. This action packed story of friendship, faith, and standing against evil may even do more than entertain you; it may cause you to stop and think about life and the world in which we live.

Guardians of Magessa: The Birthright Chronicles Book 1 has been receiving great pre-release reviews. Readers enjoy the way they are drawn into the story, how the characters become friends, and the fact that Book 1 leaves you anticipating Book 2, The Wizards Tower.

Guardians of Magessa: The Birthright Chronicles Book 1 (ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-88-6) will be available for purchase on Amazon in both paper back and Kindle on August 1, 2014. The prologue is available for FREE now on To read some of Peter’s short stories visit


Guardians of Magessa

The Birthright Chronicles Book 1

*Published: August 1, 2014
*Price: $14.95
*Pages: 378
*Format: Available in printed copy, perfect bound/ paperback and Kindle.
Guardians of Magessa: The Birthright Chronicles Book 1can be purchased on-line through
ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-88-6

What would you fight for? What would you die for?

Though trained in the arts of war, these questions had never occurred to Senndra, an orphan following in her father's footsteps, or Josiah, the ideal military cadet. When the two meet during an event meant to foster a solid relationship between their academies, they find themselves forced into battle with a forgotten evil. The combined elf, ogre, orc, and human armies could meet this invasion on fair terms, but strained relations between the races have made this possibility uncertain.

For now Senndra, Josiah, and their comrades are all that stand between a massive army and total annihilation of their country, Magessa. Facing horrific odds, the young cadets have no hope of defeating the invading horde. It will be all that they can do to simply stave off the inevitable slaughter, but personal conflict, physical challenge, and internal struggle gets in the way. "How could God allow this to happen?" is the question running through their minds; a question made more poignant by the taunting of the enemy. Will Senndra, Josiah, and their friends be able to maintain their faith, overcome their trials, and find the strength to finally realize themselves as the Guardians of Magessa?

*Synopsis: The story follows a group of cadets that find themselves thrown into battle against the dwarf army of evil Molkekk. Their skill and their faith in Elohim are tested as they face overwhelming odds and circumstances.
*Review: This book is wonderfully written so that the reader is drawn into the story. It has adventure, suspense, a little romance, and helps the reader to assess their own faith and belief in a higher power. Peter M. Last has a style that keeps the reader asking questions and leaves them wanting more. I look forward to reading the next book in the Birthright Chronicles Series.

The Wizard's Tower

The Birthright Chronicles Book 2

The Birthright Chronicles: The Wizard's Tower
*Price: $14.95
*Pages: TBD
*Format: Available in printed copy, perfect bound/ paperback and Kindle as of April 11, 2015
The Wizard’s Tower: The Birthright Chronicles Book 2 can be purchased on-line through
ISBN 13: 978-1-934610-89-3

Clouds gather in the North; another storm is coming.

Six months after the defeat of Molkekk's dwarf army, Senndra’s life has returned to normal. Her dragon is nearly full-grown, her relationship with Timothy is blossoming, and never before has she been more self-assured.

Suddenly her tranquility is shattered by visions of destruction as the country is rocked by another attack. Heavily weakened by widespread apathy, the country's defenses are quickly devastated, allowing the enemy to sweep unchecked across the land. A few faithful soldiers find themselves the last bastion between Molkekk's horde and their beloved country, but the front line is not the only place where the enemy has become entrenched. Roiled by treachery and internal strife, the soldiers of Magessa struggle to fend off the invasion, though with Molkekk's spies in place, they are fighting a losing battle. It is painfully obvious the only way to deal with the threat once and for all is to kill Molkekk- a nearly impossible task. Should they manage to battle through his armies, brave the stench of his marsh, and reach his tower one question remains: Can they stand against the fury of the wizard when the overwhelming power of his might is brought to bear?

*Synopsis: The Wizard’s Tower is the action packed continuance of the story of Josiah, Senndra, and their companions in their walk of faith and standing against evil. Battles rage, characters grow, and relationships blossom.
*Review: Peter Last has only grown in his writing skill. In The Wizard’s Tower you get to know and like the characters even more than in Guardians of Magessa. This action packed book is a page turner due to Peter’s great ability to foreshadow. Many life lessons can be gleaned from the pages, not the least of which is to never let apathy take root in your life.

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